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It was about an hour and half drive to Brighton Beach.  Luoana and Angie Negut had picked us up at our hotel on Day 4 to share one of their favorite UK spots with us.  Arriving in Brighton we made a beeline for the ocean.  Interestingly enough the Brighton Beach is made 100% of grape sized pebbles – no sand what so ever.  Novel to Alison and I we immediately tore our shoes off and decided to test the water temperature.

Brighton Sea Side

The strangest thing about this pebbly beach is the sound.  Accustomed to the sandy rumble of crashing waves, the sounds of Brighton are completely foreign.   Being comprised completely of small rocks the crashing waves become violent cacophonies of sound.  Strange, yet mesmerizing.

Sea Sound

A trip seaside wouldn’t be complete with out skipping a few stones into the blue abyss.  However I quickly learned that Luoana had NEVER skipped a stone before.  After a quick tutorial, Luoana soon managed to successfully maneuver a 4 skip – beginners luck.

Skipping Rocks at Brighton Beach

After our beach experience we headed toward the Brighton Pier.  A bit reminiscent of Coney Island, we had the pleasure of experiences all this English beach had to offer including Candy Floss (aka Cotton Candy), famous Brighton Lounge Chairs, and the Beach side Carousel.

Candy Floss

Lounging Out at the Pier

Carousel at Brighton Beach

Before leaving the Pier, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to prove my “Texan” and decided to take a whirl on the local mechanical bull.  41 seconds and a small stuffed animal later, my pride remained intact to fight another day.

Pat Bull Riding at Brighton Pier

Before heading out of town we made our final journey over to the Royal Pavilion, a strange 18th century piece of Indo-Gothic architecture built as a royal seaside retreat.

Royal Pavillion

What it lacks in sandy caribbean-esqe beaches, Brighton certainly makes up for in history and character.  Not to be outdone, the day was certainly made all the more special by sharing it with dear friends.

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  1. Russ Porter says:

    Way to go Pat! All of those long bike rides paid off when you got on that mechanical bull. Thanks for making the rest of us Texans proud of you!!!! ha ha

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