Day 8 – The Hague

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Our day touring around The Hague was fairly low key and relatively aimless.  Being my favorite graphic artist, I was particularly interested in seeing the M.C. Escher museum.   The museum is housed in the former Queen’s working palace so it was a nice 2 for 1 art+architecture experience.  The museum didn’t let me down.  Escher was born in Den Haag which is why it is home to this museum.  His brother was the Dutch national architect which was an interesting factoid I never new.  My favorite part of the museum wasn’t admiring original copies of his prints but rather the wood blocks used to make the prints and sketches used in planning his pieces.  It certainly gave me a new appreciation for the time and talent required to construct a single piece of his.

Wood Blocks

Wilimena’s palace was cool too.

Escher Museum

After Escher we headed off on the tram toward the International Peace Palace.  Don’t call it the International Court, they will correct you with angst. Ohh, and don’t get to close to the gate either – more angst.  The building was beautiful but certainly anti-climatic.  Back to the tram we go.

Peace Palace

Next stop, the beach.  Reaching the beach, and wondering around the pier a bit we were glad we reserved our time in the sun for later in the trip.  The brownish, jellyfish filled industrial water didn’t look too exciting. We manage to locate the local polar bear club – membership 1.  Did we mention it was 55 degrees outside?

Dutch Polar Bear Club

Alison wanted his autograph but I was able to restrain her in time. Close one. Off to Rotterdam we go.


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  1. Andy Jones says:

    the picture was bad enough. glad you kept her from the autograph.

    I wanted to subscribe via email, but it said you didn’t have that feature set up. If it doesn’t cost anything that would be great!

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