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Hostel- are you thinking bed bugs and sleeping with one eye open while hugging your suitcase all night? Think again.

Yes, those thoughts did cross our minds when we started thinking about this trip- but fortunately it’s not really like that at all! (Perhaps in some places- but not anywhere we plan to go if we have an option.)

Hostels are a great way to stretch your budget. For us, we’d rather be out seeing and doing things than just staying in a nice place. Don’t get me wrong- I treasure nights in a king size bed with 3 choices of pillow type- but that’s not what we want this trip to be about.

We’re easing into this so we’ve been careful to research carefully before booking anywhere to stay. We’ve been strategically comparing options at at least these 4 sites before making a decision.


Our thought process is this: If we can get a hotel room for the same price- definitely our 1st choice. If a private hostel room is available for a reasonable price- 2nd choice. If only shared rooms are available for a good price- get a mixed room (so Pat and I can be in the same room) and hope for good roomies.  We’ve extended our thought process to choose the largest/larger shared room (6 bed, 12 bed, etc.). The prices drop dramatically the more beds per room. The only downside is the bathroom sharing. I think it’s safer/ less strange to have more than one possible roommate-hoping for both males and females in a shared room.  Plus – if you’re going to share space- may as well take the least expensive option!

We packed locks for our bags, sleep sheets, sleeping bags, and I even have an inflatable pillow. I imagine we will eventually use all of this- especially in less developed places. We have flops for the shower- but haven’t felt the need to use them yet. We have been using our own towels.

In the Netherlands there is a chain of hostels called “Stayokay”. We stayed at 2 of these and had a really good experience. Here’s a picture of the hostel we stayed at in Rodderdam, NL. It’s the yellow cube buildings. The amenities were really decent. Nice, clean common space, computers, restaurant, elevators, HVAC, free WiFi, full breakfast included, bedding provided, baggage storage, etc.


Here’s a mini tour of our room and the lobby in Rodderdam.


Overall our recommendation for hostels: Buy a good lock, get a sleep sac and go with it.



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