Lago di Como

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Lago di Como- Lombardy, Italy

Como and Bellagio

Who doesn’t love a great summer day at the lake? Boating, water sports, swimming, sun bathing, fishing… pretty perfect if you ask me. These things and more are what you can experience on the Italian glacial lake, Lago di Como.

Being a true lover of lakeside living I have to say this was the most beautiful lake I’ve ever experienced.  You would be hard pressed to find a more ideal place to spend a summer day. The water is deep and clear, the mountains soar all around giving a dramatic border to the lake, and the houses lining the shore and hillside are candy for the eyes.

Lago di Como

Our visit to Lago di Como began in the town of Como. We stayed in a historical building in the middle of town that has been divided into apartments. The downtown area, which is off limit to cars, is filled with top designer boutiques and cafes. There are also quite a number of tailors creating custom wears. Como is known for it’s silk industry. The marina is full of beautiful boats, both power and sail. From what we could tell, this is a place where many Italians and Europeans vacation or have second homes. It isn’t overrun with international tourist but instead feels full of high society locals.

Como, Italy

After a few relaxing days in Como, we boarded a lake ferry and headed north to Bellagio, a town located at the intersection of the three branches of the Y shaped lake. This two hour ride was my favorite part of our time here. The ferry had open decks as well as air conditioning inside. We were able to relax and enjoy that great wind in your face feeling from the boat ride.  Everywhere you looked was something spectacular- mountains, villas, hotels, fountains, boats.

Lago di Como Ferry

A&P - Lago Di Como

Bellagio, Italy is the town that the hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV was intended to emulate stylistically.

arriving in Bellagio by ferry

Bellagio waterside

The majority of the sidewalks and streets are made of giant round pebbles. It’s a steep but walkable town with small interesting shops lining the streets.

giant pebble streets

steep streets of Bellagio

In case you didn’t know- Lago di Como is also a second home to one of my favorites- George Clooney. He has a villa on the water here. Also, portions of the movie Ocean’s 12 were filmed at a local villa.

color along Lago di Como






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