London, England – Day 1

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Four days in London, what to do?  First things first, find our hotel.  Arriving by bus from Bath, England we found ourselves at Victoria Bus Station looking for directions to the London Underground aka “the tube”.  £16.00 later (around $28.00 USD) we had two all day tube passes in hand as I cringed at how crappy the dollar is these days.  Just outside the city center about a ten minute tube ride away, Al found a great deal at a hotel in the Earls Court district and we settled right into this quiet middle class residential neighborhood – good value and good location, my kind of place.

Our first day in the city we decided to meet up with Luoana Negut, an old friend living in London who Alison’s older sister used to tutor 5 years or so ago in the U.S. when Luoana was about 12.  17 and all grown up, Luoana greeted us with a hug and ear-to-ear smile.  Luoana was the first person we’ve meet up with on our trip thus far and it quickly reminded us how good it is to be around a familiar face.  Luoana was a superb tour guide as she led us all around the city and the must see sites.

Palace of Westminster

Al and Luoana at Westminster Abbey

China Town

Sikh Rally at Trafalgar Square

Ready to call it a day we hopped on the tube and headed toward Luoana’s house in Borehamwood to say hello to the rest of the fam.  In addition to being your average quaint English village, the Negut’s town is a bit of an English Hollywood of sorts with a few movie production studios. It is also the home of both Simon Cowell and the production team of the original 1977 Star Wars.  Originally hailing from Romania, Angi and Liviu Negut welcomed us into their home with open arms sharing some of their quintessential Romanian hospitality with us as we quickly caught up on the past few years over dinner.  Now about 1am in the morning, Angi insisted that she drive us back to our Hotel in London – but not before they shared a few more of their favorite London sites at night with us. Not even the rain could subdue our enthusiasm as we all loaded up in the car and headed out for a night/morning in London.

Sikh Temple

Tower Bridge

With some amazing memories in tow, we said our goodbyes, agreed to meet up again before we leave England and finally strolled into our hotel room around 3:30am.  Did I mention that Angi had to work the next day, Luoana had school, and Liviu had to be up at 5am for work!  A huge thanks and appreciation goes out to the Neguts for sharing an amazing day with us – what a way to experience London.

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  1. Kate McCusker says:

    Earls Court! That brings back memories. Stayed at a B&B there in 1967 after flying over from Paris and landing in a field of sheep. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. Aaron and I are glad we can travel vicariously with you.
    Good travels!

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