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travelguides-150x150We have spent many hours travel section browsing, reading, researching, map plotting, and spreadsheet making.

As strategic of planners as we typically are, we don’t really want a firm plan for this trip. There are logistics that require some planning (visas, immunizations, onward travel requirements to enter certain countries), but we have decided to remain as flexible as possible to allow for whatever opportunities may present themselves. We have a list of countries with multiple cities we would love to see, as well as a rough travel path to account for the seasons and avoid winter as much as possible.

Our Working RTW Itinerary:

Date Region Country
May 2011 Europe (Benelux) Netherlands
  ∨ Belgium
Europe (United Kingdom) Ireland
  ∨ Scotland
Jun 2011   ∨ England
  ∨ France (North)
Jul 2011 Europe (Mediterranean) Greece
  ∨ Turkey
Aug 2011   ∨ Italy
  ∨ Switzerland
  ∨ France (South)
  ∨ Andorra
Sep 2011 Europe (Iberian Peninsula) Spain
  ∨ Portugal
Oct 2011 Africa (North) Morocco
  ∨ Egypt
Nov 2011 Africa (East) Uganda
Dec 2011   ∨ Kenya
  ∨ Tanzania
  ∨ Malawi
  ∨ Zambia
Jan 2012 Africa (South) South Africa
  ∨ Lesotho
Feb 2012 Middle East Qatar
Oceana New Zealand
Mar 2012   ∨ Australia
Apr 2012 Asia (Southeast) Indonesia
May 2012   ∨ Singapore
  ∨ Thailand
  ∨ Cambodia
  ∨ Malaysia
Jun 2012   ∨ Thailand
Jul 2012   ∨ Vietnam
  ∨ Laos
Aug 2012 Asia (East) China
  ∨ Macau
  ∨ Hong Kong
Sep 2012   ∨ South Korea
  ∨ Japan
Oct 2012   ∨ Philippines
Asia (West) India
Nov 2012 United States of America


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  1. Cynthia Gunter says:

    Hey, you two! I finally made it to your website! So good to catch up with you and see where your adventure is taking you. I’m so excited to follow your travels and enjoy the world with you. As you know, we’ve done quite a bit of traveling and have friends and family in lots of places! I notice you’re going to UAE. I have a sister living in Abu Dhabi. She’d love to host you and show you around if your travels take you there! We lived in Budapest for two years and still have connections and favorite places there, too! I also see you’ll be in Uganda in November. Ron (and possibly I) will be leading a team to Uganda in November. We’ll stay in touch, and maybe you could hook up with us and work at the orphanage with us. That would be so cool! Blessings to you both! Take good care of yourselves and may God stay close by your side all the way! Cynthia =D

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