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About an hour southeast of Bath is Britain’s most iconic archeological site, Stonehenge. The ring of monolithic stones has been attracting visitors of pilgrims, poets, and philosophers for the last 5000 years. Today there is still a long line of hippy vans parked indefinitely nearby along with the steady stream of tour buses stopping in.


The mystery of Stonehenge still exists. No one really knows what caused prehistoric Britons to expend so much energy and time on its construction. There are many theories about what it may have been used for, ranging from a celestial timepiece (calendar) to a sacrificial center.

A&P at Stonehenge

I personally had a major flashback to 11th grade British literature driving through this whole region of Wiltshire. We passed the great White Horse carved in the side of a hill as well as the location where several crop circles have been seen in years past. There were traditional thatch roofs on the homes and we were told to look out for UFOs.

Stone Jump


you can only look at rocks for so long...

After our road trip to Stonehenge and back we stopped to have High Tea for lunch.

High Tea

We then made our way back to the YMCA (now accepting women) where we had stayed, picked up our bags and hiked to the bus station.

London’s Calling!



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  1. Russ Porter says:

    Hey Pat and Alison, England looks amazing! I’ve never heard of that wall that runs along the northern part of UK. I guess that was the inspiration for the Chinese to build their wall! ha ha

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