1 Ferry, 2 Trains, 3 Buses and a Pair of Irish Maidens

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Getting from Bellagio, Italy to Interlaken, Switzerland is no easy task – one ferry across the lake to Menaggio, Italy; bus from Menaggio to Lugano, Switzerland; another city bus from Lugano bus station to Lugano train station; train from Lugano to Luzern; then switch to a “panaromic” train to from Luzern to Interlaken Oost; then finally a bus from the Interlaken train station to our hostel.  Yes, that’s 1 ferry, 2 trains, and 3 buses – whew.

While 6 different legs of transportation certainly made for a long day, we did get the pleasure of meeting two of the most wonderful Irish ladies we’ve ever meet which made the trip ten fold more enjoyable.  Despite having a good 30 or 40 years on Al and I their energy and enthusiasm could have been mistaken for a 16 year old’s.  I only hope that I have half as much passion for life as they do when I’m their age.  My only regret is not taking a group picture – our memory will have to suffice, and certainly a fond one at that.  Going our separate ways in Lugano, our new friends waited for us to board our train bound for Luzern and waved us goodbye.

Reaching Luzern, we boarded our next “panoramic” train toward Interlaken.  As the train left the station the foreignness of our new surroundings became immediately apparent.  Sheer mountain cliff faces crested with greenery flanked both sides of our train.  Waterfalls burst from nearly every crevasse around us.  With the Sound of Music as my only alpine reference, the scenery was absolutely incredible.  After an hour and a half of rubber necking the mountains, waterfalls, and glacial lakes that enveloped the train ride en route to our final destination we finally arrived at Interlaken Oost station ready to tackle what lay head of us in this small piece of Swiss wonderland.

Panaromic Swiss Train Ride

Jungfrau Mountain

Swiss Scenery


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