Bundaberg, Australia

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When we lived in Dallas one of our favorite weekend stops was to a place called the “Soda Gallery.” It was a retail shop that carried imported soft drinks from around the world.  They had everything from Asian jelly juices and canned bubble tea to South American fizzies and Australian Bundaberg!

So when passing through the city of Bundaberg, Australia- of course we had to stop!

Bundaberg Barrel Shop

Bundaberg Beverages

It was the weekend so we didn’t go on a factory tour- but we did get to mix and match our own 6 pack from the full Bundaberg range.


The only two we had previously tasted were the classic Ginger Beer and my favorite Peachee. If you ever see it- it’s definitely worth a taste.

Bundaberg Classic Ginger Beer


The classic Ginger Beer is really strong- tastes a lot like Vernors to me. The Peachee is just delicious!

Pat's pickled onions- not sure why these are sold here

Peachee king Alison

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