Christmas in Africa

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We woke up on Christmas morning at The Old Farm House in Iringa, Tanzania. In Hinson tradition, Pat and I stayed in our bed and read the Luke 2 Christmas story before doing anything else. Very sad to not be at home with the whole family, but realizing this is a once in a lifetime trip, we were determined to improvise for our Christmas traditions.

Merry Christmas 2011

Once we got up- Pat and I hurried to the truck and tied socks (stockings) to the overhead luggage rails in the truck and filled them with treats and name labels for everyone.

stockings hung on the truck with care

We took 2 camping mattresses and put them in the back of the truck. It was an early departure at 5 AM so after wishing Henry our driver a Merry Christmas- we got on the road. In the back of the truck, it was Christmas morning!

our Christmas Truck Tree (brought from Uganda and decorated by Pat)

The day before we had all talked about how we usually celebrate Christmas and I told the girls about our tradition of all getting in the bed together to read the Christmas story. Acknowledging the beauty of traditions they graciously and even excitedly joined in our truck version of Christmas morning. We all sat in the back of the truck and I read the Christmas story from the Bible- something that was not a tradition for them- but perhaps now. We then proceeded to blare the only Christmas carols we had on our combined iPods from the stereo for the entire day. It was a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Crackers

stockings and carols

Late in the afternoon we arrived at the Malawi boarder, exchanged currency and got our passports stamped with the date 12/25/2011.

(no photos allowed at border crossings)

Driving down the road, bouncing in the back of the truck, thanks to technology we were able to reach our families for a quick Christmas morning (EST) chat.

Lake Malawi

Kim and Dani had coloring books and pencils to pass out. As we drove along and would randomly stop or slow down we would toss out pencils to the children waving excitedly. They were more than thrilled. It was wonderful to share simple Christmas presents that were greatly appreciated.

children running to the truck for pencils

Around dusk we arrived at our campsite in Chitimba on the shore of Lake Malawi.

Chitimba Camp, Malawi



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  1. Cynthia Gunter says:

    I recognize that Christmas tree!
    Are you guys going to meet Wayne and Nikki in New Zealand or Australia?
    Love you!

    • I loved our tree! Thanks for the decorations! We did get to see Wayne and Nikki- twice in New Zealand. It was perfect- actually ran into each other in the street. Hope y’all are doing great! I see you’ve been on the go!

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