Kamonkoli, Uganda- Mission Trip

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Several years ago we had the joy of crossing paths for a brief time with a lady named Cynthia. We attended the same small church in Texas together and I’ll never forget on our very first Sunday visiting the church, she made a point to sit by us and made sure we knew we were welcome to have communion when that time came in the service. We became fast friends and have great memories of sharing Sunday lunches and singing together around the piano for hours on end. Life happened and we all moved away. Cynthia moved to Florida to join her husband in ministry at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes international childcare division- Orphan’s Heart. http://www.orphansheart.org

Fast forward to Nov 2011 – Cynthia was following our blog and realized we would be in Uganda at the same time Orphan’s Heart was going to have a team on the ground. She, along with her husband Ron (VP at FBCH), invited us to join the team. What perfect timing God has…

Pat, Alison, Cynthia and Ron Gunter

As the team (comprised of a doctor from West Virginia, a man from central Florida, a couple from the Florida panhandle, and Ron and Cynthia from Miami) arrived in Uganda- we joined up with them in Kampala and rode to the village we would be working in- Kamonkoli. Right from the start it was a perfect fit of personalities, strengths and skills to make a great team.

Orphan's Heart Team (Jason, Tim, Cynthia, Ron, Alison, Pat, Nikki, Wayne)

For the 10 days together, we would be working with Hines Ugandan Ministries (HUM). HUM was founded by Katherine Hines over a decade ago and has evolved massively over the years. http://www.hineskids.org As a single American woman living in a village in Eastern Uganda, Katherine has been the long-term foster mom to more than 20 children. She has developed a sponsorship program serving over 200 children that allows them the opportunity to attend school and to have their basic needs met.  She has partnered with a local pastor and church to develop the Awana program for more than 500 children of the village. She works with local social workers to identify and meet needs of the most needy in the village.  Her ministry has helped to create a company, Kamonkoli Karryalls, that produces bags made from African fabrics to be sold in the US and Africa to help create jobs and income for those working there.

Pat, Katherine, Alison

The next stages of development for HUM include additional space to house orphans and foster children, a quality private school to serve the sponsored children, a medical clinic, and a community center. The long-range plans have been developed with great thought and detail; but, the funds to carry these plans out are not yet in place. As money is given, portions of the plan will be completed until the project is finished.

construction site of future HUM development

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