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Getting from Railay to Koh Phi Phi was no easy task. Despite booking our ferry from Railay, the ferry we were getting on didn’t actually depart from Railay but rather Krabi. So in order to catch the ferry that morning we all piled into a long tail boat and made our way out into the middle of Railay bay to wait for the ferry as it passes by.

Getting Picked Up by a Tractor in Railay Bay

Waiting in Railay Bay for the Ferry to Koh Phi Phi Island

View of Railay Bay

View of Railay Bay

A few minutes of waiting later, the ferry arrived. We loaded our gear onto the ferry, hopped on board, parked it up top on the roof deck, and enjoyed the breeze as we made our way to our next island destination.

Boarding the Ferry to Koh Phi Phi

Riding the Ferry to Koh Phi Phi

JB Enjoying the View from the Front of the Ferry

Chilling on the Ferry to Koh Phi Phi

An hour and a half later, we finally arrived at the Koh Phi Phi pier and made our way inland to explore the town and book a scuba adventure before heading to our hotel on the other side of the island. Being an island, space is certainly a luxury and the town of Koh Phi Phi fits that bill to tee. While entirely pedestrian (which is really nice), the town feels incredibly cramped. Maybe it was trying to pick between the 19 (yes 19!!) different dive shops on the island while lugging our packs around or maybe it was something else, but either way, we were anxious to get out of Koh Phi Phi town and head to the beach. After booking a dive for the next day and buying a few supplies in town, we were more than ready for some beach time R&R.

Arrival in Koh Phi Phi

View from Koh Phi Phi Pier

Replenishing our Supplies in Koh Phi Phi

Pier at Koh Phi Phi

The resort we booked was on the east side of the island, so unless you felt like hiking over the mountain, the only way there was by long tail boat. Back to the pier we went. After loading up on another long tail, we were off, skimming across the waves toward Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort. Twenty minutes later we arrived at our own little slice of paradise.

Skipping Across the Water to Relax Beach

Longtail Ride to Relax Beach on Koh Phi Phi Island

Welcome to Koh Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort

The next day was focused entirely on beach side rejuvenation. JB found his perfect beach hammock, underneath a tree just inches off the white sand, while Alison and I caught up on our reading. It was a fantastic and much deserved respite (deserved on JB’s part at least).

Our Beach Vacation at PP Relax Beach Resort

Our Perfect Beach

Our Perfect Beach

Chillin’ on Koh Phi Phi

More of Our Perfect Beach

The Perfect Beach Hammock




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  1. This place looks as dreamy as it gets!
    I sooo want to go here too!!
    Glad you had a good time at the beach! 🙂

    • Pat Wilson says:

      Thanks for the comment! Always nice to know someone is reading this stuff 🙂 You should check out my post on Boracay Island in the Philippines. Should post early Feb. Keep an eye out for it. It had the best sand we experienced anywhere in the world. P@

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