White Water Rafting – Nile River, Uganda

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With one of the highest concentrations of grade 5 and grade 6 rapids in the world, the top of the Nile, just north of Jinja, has become somewhat famous in the world of white water rafting.  Not wanting to miss out on yet another white-knuckle experience we put on our swimsuits and decided to try our luck.  While there are a number of company’s to raft with, based on a few recommendations we decided to go with Adrift (www.adrift.ug).

They picked us up from our B&B early in the morning and trucked us over to the Adrift campsite 5 kilometers north of Jinja.  After a quick briefing by our Canadian river guide for the day, Alison, myself, 2 Norwegians, and another American crossed our fingers, jumped in our raft, and headed down stream.

Within 5 min of being on the water, we started approaching our first set of rapids named Donald.  It used to be called Donald Duck do to the large branch that everyone had to duck under as you went through but since the removal of the branch its name was shortened to just simply Donald.  One after another the rapids gave us a ride – Bujagali Falls, Big Brother, Silverback, Overtime, and Retrospect.  All in all we were able to raft 6 or 7 Grade 4 and 5 rapids (I lost count) and only completely wiped out 3 times.  Yep, I think we spent more time in the water than in our raft that day.  Some of the rapids – Itanda and the Dead Dutchmen, both Grade 6’s – where so large that we had to exit upstream as a team of porters drug the raft overland to a safer entry point downstream.

All in all it was one of the best rafting experiences I’ve ever had and definitely lived up to its status as one of the top 10 rafting destinations world wide.

Just Getting Started

Getting Started

Bungee Jumping over the Nile

Gearing Up and Getting Instructions

Ready to Rumble

Getting Ready for the Rapids

Nile Rapids

Hitting the Rapids

Amazing Rapids of the Nile River

Ready for More Rapids



Now how are we going to get down this one again?

All Aboard

Duck and Cover

Grade 6 Rapids

Did We Just Do THAT?

I did IT!

Huts on the River

Al Getting a Special Ride

Al Being Cute

Rapids Showing Who's Boss

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